Honeymoon with a splash

I know that this post is well overdue. As one does towards the end of the year I was reviewing my photos and realised that i had not shared with my blog readers the short trip Michael and I had took to Zambia and Vic Falls for our honeymoon. Well when I say honeymoon it was more a case of Michael had a work flight and I hitched a ride. However, once there we had an amazing time.


Those of you who read my January 2007 post will recall that I undertook a safari that ended at Vic Falls. At that time I decided to end my adventure with a little bit of luxury staying at the Stanley Safari Lodge. As is the norm with such trips you leave having enjoyed the pampering, the sites, the wonderful falls and thinking that that will be it. So, when I knew we would be back I arranged a surprise for Michael and returned to the lodge however this time staying in the Honeymoon Suite. I have never seen his draw drop so far and so fast! How often do you get to stay in a room with view of the falls and your own private outdoor plunge pool.

ImageA big difference between my last trip and this was the amount of water cascading over the falls. With so much water this time walking along the face of the falls was more like taking a shower, hence my fashionable tea bag attire. The only way to really see the falls was once again from the air. AMAZING is the only word I can use to describe the view.

Click on either of the pictures above to see more trip photos.

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One Response to Honeymoon with a splash

  1. Lesley says:

    Happy New Year. Hope that it is a good one for you both. The pictures are fantastic, but I imagine that they do not show how awesome it really is.

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