Our Big Day

Two weekends ago Michael and I were married. Let me start with the clichés and say that it was the most amazing day of my life.

We were fortunate and honoured to be surrounded by friends and family on such a special occasion. Both Michael and I come from small families and as many of you know mine is spread all over the world. Seeing everyone together was a reminder of how fragile these bonds can be and at the same time the power of family. The last time the four Emdins’ were together was 2009 for Dad’s 70th birthday and it was 2001 when my Uncle, nieces and family were together.

Those of you who read my previous blog will know that the whole event was put together in about six weeks. The advantage of two guys getting married is that there are no dresses, shoes, hair and makeup to worry about. Hang on, well at least not with me! My only challenge was finding a pair of trousers that fitted well. Apparently my derrière limits the styles and cuts that work – 40 years and only now I find this out? We did enjoy working our way through a collection of wines until we landed on the selection for the big day.

Overall our wedding was everything that we wanted it to be and more. By the end of the day my facial muscles were sore from smiling and laughing. You can see in the photographs how much fun we had. Our ambtenaar (city official) John who conducted the ceremony did a great job including all our guests and friends. It is impossible to capture in words what a wonderful afternoon and evening it was. You will just have to draw your own conclusions from the photos.

On Sunday afternoon the festivities continued. We opened up our house to friends and neighbours for a bit of a party. I can safely say we now know what the maximum holding capacity for the house is! All our guests we welcomed with a glass of fine Aussie sparkling Shiraz and a piece of wedding cake from the oh so not usual wedding cake. It was well into the night (or morning) before the last folks left and we had the house to ourselves again.

A huge thanks to our dear friend Geert for acting as master of ceremonies and keeping everything on track allowing us to relax and really immerse ourselves in the joy of the day. A special thanks the Tali, Frans, Sandra and Renaldo for being our witnesses and not giving any reasons why we should not be married.

Click on the links to see a few photos from the wedding and the Sunday party.

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2 Responses to Our Big Day

  1. Tony says:

    Hey M&M, great photos of what looked to be a wonderful day. Congratulations – is it kids next?


  2. Mark Reid says:

    I loved these photos…so wonderful and so loving…this was just stunning to see…after spending time with you in Perth it was so lovely to catch up with the wedding and photos on here…
    Congratulations to you both and we look forward to seeing you soon…
    Much love

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