Countdown to a wedding

Anyone who believes that it is not possible to organize a wedding in six weeks let me tell you it can be done. So whose wedding you might be asking. Mine! After four years together Michael and I have decided to tie the knot. We are fortunate that in the Netherlands it is possible for same sex couples to do so and be legally recognized as a married couple.

So why six weeks? Well my sister had booked a bicycle and barge tour from Amsterdam through to Ghent as a “work perk”. This is one of the tours that her travel company sells, and as we all know good product knowledge is the key to successful sales. Thus she has to sample the tours that are on offer. Once word got to Mum and Dad that Tali and I would be together in Amsterdam they jumped at the opportunity to have us all together for the 1st time since Dad’s 70th birthday in 2009. This was too good an opportunity to pass up. Michael and I were not sure when we would have both our families together again in the one city at the same time so over breakfast one morning decided…”let’s do it!”

The first task is to register at the local city office (stadsdeel) that we are getting married (ondertrouw or under marriage). This gives anyone 14 days to object to our impending nuptials. Apart from needing to being the required ID, copies of passports of our four witnesses and their addresses, it turned out that I needed to bring my birth certificate. So, on my bike back home I went to collect said certificate for presentation. Fortunately my South African certificate had an apostil to prove that it was a legitimate document. Without the apostil the wedding would have been off!

With trepidation we waited for any objections (although no one were expected) after which we moved into high speed booking a venue, sending out invitations, planning our party and buying outfits. With one week to go almost everything is in place, including my sister in The Netherlands.

So there you go, it is possible to organize a wedding in less than 6 weeks. When is the big day you ask? Saturday 14th April. In my next blog I will share with you how it all went!

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7 Responses to Countdown to a wedding

  1. Ian Carlsson says:

    Hi Mark
    WOW….I didn’t realise that you have been together for 4 years….doesn’t time fly. I hope the wedding goes well next Saturday and sorry I won’t be able to be there but I’ll be thinking about you. Best wishes to you and Michael for a very happy, healthy and prosperous future together. Are you considering starting a family or maybe it’s early days yet?….hehehe.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the pics of your happy event.
    Love to all.
    Ian xx

  2. Could be a movie: How To Plan A Wedding in 6 Weeks.

    Very happy for you guys. And that the family will be there makes it even more special. Believe me.
    It will be a very special day.

  3. Denise Jones says:

    Dear Mark and Michael,

    Wishing you all the best for next Saturday and your future together. I will be thinking of you. A celebratory drink will need to wait until Sunday evening as I will be in QLD on Saturday with Camp Quality. Enjoy your day and I look forward to the photo’s!

    Cheers Denise

  4. Tony says:

    Hey M and M

    Great news Mark – and congratulations. I’m sure it will be a wonderful day next weekend. Chris and I are in the process of getting our defacto visa here in Oz, so I guess that’s kinda like marriage – but more expensive!!

    Take lots of pics so the locals down under can enjoy your day vicariously


  5. Mark says:

    Hi Guys,

    Congratulations to you both and good luck!


    Mark C

  6. Rob Bredenkamp says:

    Hi Boys

    I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already!
    I hope you have a fabulous day. Congratulations to you both.


    Rob and Greg

  7. Marcus says:

    Is it too late for me to object?

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